Do You Hear What I Hear?

No, not Christmas bells, silly! There’s still a lot of time before that, so tuck your carols away for now. We were talking about the sound of stocks crashing! And as the snow begins to fall in some rural areas of New England, so do the profits of Starbucks. And when we say fall, what we really mean is plummet. Like, never-been-ice-skating before, and subsequently ass-smashing-on-Frog-Pond type of plummeting. Pretty much everyone out there has noticed how expensive things have gotten, so running to the ‘Bucks for a $5 coffee may not be on everyone’s to do list in the morning when your Black and Decker coffee pot is sitting right on the counter. But we have to admit some of Starbucks new holiday concoctions are quite decadent.

If you’re one of those strange human beings who don’t consume caffeine, indulge in the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, a smooth blend perfect for hiding from the biting, cold weather. If you’re looking for a good caffeine buzz like us, the Gingersnap Latte can be made with multiple espresso shots. (Naturally, we need a little kick with our “snap”). But most indulgent of all is the Espresso Truffle, which pairs traditional espresso with “European-style cocoa” (whatever that means), steamed milk, whipped cream, and chocolate powder. This delicious blend of chocolate and caffeine is the perfect fix for those of us addicted to both. So even though Starbucks can’t quite seem to snap out of their financial funk as we ride that merry recession sleigh into the holiday season, we still suggest treating yourself to a delicious beverage once in awhile.

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Do You Hear What I Hear?