Details’ Best Sushi List

One of the Esquire blog’s has a feature up today about the most superlative sushi spots across the country. As is to be expected, there are quite a few on the West Coast (and Hawaii!), but Boston, New York, and Philadelphia also get mentions.

Unsurprisingly, the Philly sushi restaurant that the post points to is Morimoto.

Masaharu Morimoto didn’t make his name serving sushi. The Iron Chef and international restaurateur is best known for tuna pizza, masala-spiced lobster, and other dishes that brazenly push the boundaries of Japanese cuisine. Yet at the bar of his downtown restaurant—headed by Hiroki Fujiyama and occasionally blessed with the presence of the ponytailed TV star himself—you’ll find intricately fashioned sushi featuring rice polished on the premises and soy sauce mellowed with a bit of dashi (a kelp- and fish-based stock) so as not to overwhelm the delicate needlefish or salmon roe, which is house-marinated.

Accolades are always nice — and isn’t kind of exciting to think that if you want to (and have the capital) you could eat at what is arguably one of the twelve best sushi establishments in the country?

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[Photo: via go.phila/Flickr]


Details’ Best Sushi List