Chef Shuffle

Daniel Boulud Nets Tasting Room’s Colin Alevras

Photo: Melissa Hom

The ’bag confirms that Colin Alevras, late of the Tasting Room, will be overseeing the beer and wine list at Daniel Boulud’s Bowery restaurant. This is disappointing news for those looking forward to seeing Alevras in the kitchen again (the ’bag says that his plans for a Cuban restaurant, La Otra, are kaput, though no confirmation yet from the chef himself; and no word about Permanent Brunch, the number for which is disconnected), but it’ll give folks looking forward to Boulud’s East Village debut even more reason to gnaw their fingernails off with excitement, especially if they’re beer drinkers.

Update: Steven Hall, rep for the two restaurant, says, “Colin’s role was never to be permanent chef. He was planning on opening the places up and determining how long he would stay on based on necessity. He is still very much involved in La Otra and Permanent Brunch.” [Eater]

Breaking: Colin Alevras Will Be Beverage Director at DB Bowery [Feedbag]

Daniel Boulud Nets Tasting Room’s Colin Alevras