Craving: Seafood

One fish, two fish, red fish…well, maybe you shouldn’t eat every type or color of fish you find, but being on the waterfront, Boston has a great number of options for all sorts of consumables from the sea. You also don’t have to head to the harbor to find them, even though it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do so.

At No Name, you can sample some of the ocean’s best on their reasonably priced seafood plate, including shrimp, scallops, and oysters. The average service and kitschy seaside decor makes this one of the best places to find low-key fresh fish on a budget. Don’t expect anything fancy, but do expect delicious.

If you’re not into the waterfront scene, head to the North End’s Neptune Oyster, a local favorite that always impresses. From chowder to the raw bar, you can pick from a diverse selection of the Atlantic’s finest catches and combos. The wine list is superbly matched with the seawater delights, and they’ve yet to make a bad lobster. Open late on the weekends, this is arguably the best spot for a higher-end seafood experience.

But if you’re in East Boston and feel left out, never fear. Belle Isle is your go-to take out market, with killer lobster rolls and quick service, no matter the time of day. We personally recommend their swordfish, but we hear tales that about any shellfish in the joint is sure to make you smile. Friendly service, cash only, remember to eat your coleslaw, and watch out for those airplanes swooping overhead.

No Name [MenuPages]
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Craving: Seafood