Coolidge Was Our Favorite President

We’re still not quite over our election fever, but since there’s only so much to new to read these days, we’ve been peeking into history and learning quite a bit about the men who came before Obama. Did you know Calvin Coolidge rose through the ranks of Massachusetts politics before becoming president? As he was a proponent of capitalism, it seems appropriate we’d come across our 30th president in our readings in a time of recession. Was Calvin onto something, or do markets crashing confirm that maybe free markets aren’t really the way to freedom? We’re up in the air on that one - and we’re also a bit shaky on the details of Boston’s Coolidge Corner. But we like to believe the neighborhood, with its mix of chain coffee shops and locally-run businesses, is named after him and honors his conflicted memory.

Paris Creperie is one of our favorite spots for smoothies and coffee - and yes, crepes. The Lily’s crepe is our veggie-filled favorite, and the ham & cheese is always a sure bet. Seating is limited, but it’s a nice stop in the middle of a hectic afternoon.  Good for a meal or a snack, the staff is young, punky, and all kinds of friendly.

Pizza Republic (1398 Beacon St, (617) 879-0401) is our runner-up when we’re burned out on The Upper Crust or tired of sloppy neighborhood delivery spots. It’s cheap, amazingly quick, and the sauce has a little kick that we really dig. Their calzones are also spectacular, and all made with their same fantastic bread, we’ve got no reason to complain.

And if you’re feeling a little cultural overkill in the neighborhood of crepes and the best indie cinema in town, head over to the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse. A fairly traditional sports bar with tons of taps, we like the laid back atmosphere, sky-high nachos, and trivia nights. And we hate to say it, but being the only bar in the ‘hood, we’d go back even if it wasn’t our kind of place. We’re just lucky it is.

Paris Creperie [Official Site]
Upper Crust [Official Site]
The Coolidge Corner Clubhouse [Official Site]

[Photo: shoothead/Flickr]

Coolidge Was Our Favorite President