Concerned About The Environment? Then Starve.

We came across an odd “blog” — it’s more like a series of articles, all of which are lists — on a site where one can look up x-ray technical schools. What x-rays have to do with the top 100 yoga and meditation or parenting blogs is unclear, although the 25 Weirdest Things Eaten by a Human is more on topic. (Also, incredibly bizarre. Like the man in France who slowly ate a Cessna over two years’ time.)

Anyway, here’s what caught our attention: the 100 Foods No Environmentalist Should Ever Eat. It starts off easy enough: avoid 1) highly packaged food, 2) highly processed food and 7) out of season food. Then there’s this:

Conventional food: Conventionally grown foods use pesticides that can get into our waterways and other parts of the environment. It is also believed to have fewer nutrients than organic food.

Organic food: While organic food tends to be cleaner for the environment, it’s often more energy intensive and inefficiently produced.

Um, OK. No milk, imported wine, or coffee for you either. And while we’re on beverages…

Too much water: Water is a precious resource, and although many health experts recommend consuming as much water as you can, drinking more than you need is wasteful.

Yes, because your having a second glass of water with lunch is what is draining our water supply. Not, oh, say, thirsty golf courses. The list goes on and on: no veggie burgers, tea bags, chips, soda, candy bars, canned foods, Girl Scout cookies, rice, bread, meat, cheese, eggs, apples, potatoes, strawberries, celery, peaches, spinach, sugar, yogurt, ice cream, honey, olives and vegetable oil. And that’s just a partial list — there’s more. It’s like this woman starting researching the potential ills of different types of food and just slapped them all into one document, while failing to realize that when viewed as a whole, the list leaves people to eat a diet of … nothing. Well, maybe not nothing. Enjoy your lettuce and tomato salad tonight (only if they’re grown in your backyard). And no, you’re not allowed any dressing.

The 100 Foods No Environmentalist Should Ever Eat [x Ray Technician Schools]

Concerned About The Environment? Then Starve.