Coming Home to Roost

It’s always the same question, isn’t it?

The Epi-Log, Friday, had the most elegantly phrased, thought-provoking version we’ve ever read of the question omnipresent on all San Francisco food-related message boards: “I’m planning a visit. Where should I eat?” Honestly, open Yelp or Chowhound right now and you’re almost guaranteed to find a version of this thread.

Only this time, our questioner deserves a bit more credit. Raphael Kadushin is a real-live food writer who lived in the city previously, more or less knows the scene, and already has his list of favorites. He seems to be asking for new additions. So help him out, readers! And while you’re at it, we’d love to hear your latest favorites, too.

Rediscovering San Francisco’s Restaurants [Epi-Log]

[Image: Via San Francisco Sentinel]


Coming Home to Roost