Cleveland Rocks!

Aside from the Boston College crowd, maybe no one is particularly inclined to believe us. But Cleveland Circle isn’t a bad place to be. We once knew a guy who fell asleep on the C line after work and woke up in CC, almost pleasantly surprised despite the fact that he lives down by Kenmore. He’s still talking about it.

But what’s there to talk about? Well, for starters, some of the best thin crust pizza can be found in these parts, though the competition between Presto Pizzeria and Pino’s Pizza remains decidedly unsettled. We’re Presto fans ourselves, if only for the slightly surly old school pizzeria service and the giant tree growing in the middle of the restaurant. Giant pies are best when shared, so take some pals or order in. Fast delivery is just one more reason to find some cheap rents in the area.

Right around the corner, stop into Roggie’s for 25 cent wings and to choose from one of their 52 beers on tap. Too many numbers? It’ll only get worse if like most nights, you’re there for a game. Between keeping score, sample the nachos. The menu ranges from American to Mexican dishes, but we’re big fans of the simple bar foods. We also heard Roggie’s used to double as the go-to Steeler’s bar in Boston, but we haven’t found evidence this year. Anyone care to prove us wrong?

And for a slightly more upscale experience, sample the fresh fish offerings at Fin’s Sushi & Grill. While better sushi can surely be had, this neighborhood favorite serves up fantastic complimentary goodies in addition to their diverse sushi menu. We recommend the seaweed salad and udon soup selections in chilly weather. You might even make an intentional trip to the Circle, unlike our poor overworked friend. Hopefully when you visit the end of the line, it’s on purpose.

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[Photo: AdamBC06/Flickr]

Cleveland Rocks!