ChefBlog Alert! Curtis Duffy Rises From The Dead

Oh hallelujah! Just when we were sitting around hitting endless refresh on our Google Reader, we noticed that Curtis Duffy, chef at Avenues, has posted to his blog again after a multi-month hiatus.

The past 24 hours have brought us two posts: One dealing with Avenues’ bread service (there are five different sorts, ranging from a “breakable” Italian to a sweet coconut-basil waffle), and one highlighting hato mugi, a barley-like grain that Duffy uses in a risotto preparation that’s accompanied by manchego tea.

We’re excited to see Duffy’s blog reanimated, and we remain amused by its header: a moody portrait of the chef pulling his best Keanu Reeves face, that is so tall that it requires a scrolldown to get to the first post.

We’re also reminded of the first thought we have upon seeing the DuffyBlog: What is up with chefs and their affinity for dark backgrounds? Duffy’s mid-gray echoes the muted tones of the L2O blog, and Philip Foss goes with a dense, dark blue-gray. Great minds?

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ChefBlog Alert! Curtis Duffy Rises From The Dead