Breaking: Eater Chicago Ain’t Happening (For Now)

Sadness and rending of garments! TOC’s David Tamarkin has the scoop:

“2008 has been a frustrating year for us in Chicago, no question,” Curbed/Eater editorial director Ben Leventhal wrote in an email. “Hopefully we’ll have a better story to tell in 2009.”

Tamarkin notes that “Eater was in some ways a measure of how far Chicago’s restaurant scene has come in the past few years, because if Eater was going to come here than you knew we had enough restaurant drama to sustain their ten posts a day.” (Meanwhile, we would like to note that this post will be today’s tenth for us. Ahem.)

No, seriously, we are very sad that Eater Chicago won’t be joining us at this time, though we’re holding out hope for Mr. Bendersky — a well-placed source of our own tells us that it’s “not dead, exactly, but not happening anytime soon.” Fingers crossed that “not anytime soon” comes sooner than we think.

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Breaking: Eater Chicago Ain’t Happening (For Now)