Boston: Raw

Boston is certainly not the worst city for vegan fare, but it’s definitely not the best. There are only so many Asian restaurants - from Thai to Indian to Japanese - that a vegan can bear, and even goodies from Veggie Planet Pizza and T. J. Scallywaggle’s can only keep a veg head fed for so many days before you’ll start seeing pizzas in your sleep. But lucky for the raw foodies, the vegans, and the adventurous eaters among us, there’s another choice, located in the North End.

Grezzo, which means “raw” in Italian, is owned and operated by raw and living foods superstar Alissa Cohen. Before you arrive at Casa Cohen, you may want to verse yourself - or least get comfortable with the idea - that your food will be room temperature, contain no animal products or preservatives, and unless otherwise unavailable, everything will be organic. The thought that goes into this food alone will make you put complete trust in the Grezzo staff.

Thoughtful about dietary needs, this is the spot to head to if you’ve been pushed over the edge by rude service or mistaken dishes ending up in front of you. Grezzo’s team is efficient without hovering, and the entire space is cozy and delightful. As some may know, the food is more than temporarily filling and will leave you happy and not too stuffed for several hours. As it gets later, the crowd gets more relaxed, and we suspect it has something to do with those biodynamic, vegan wines and sake. And while you may not get out for under $100/couple, this is truly a place to savor fine dining and enjoy healthy eating in good conscience.

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[Photo: Lollie-Pop/Flickr]

Boston: Raw