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Bloggers Line Up for, Do Cartwheels for Milkofuku

Photo: Courtesy of Blondie and Brownie

Spurred on by Ed Levine’s initial rave, several bloggers braved the lines at Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar after its opening on Saturday, and they were more or less unanimous in their praise. Our commenter PattyC reported, “40 mins wait on that crazy line. The pistachio cake is the best seller. Very tasty.” Here’s what others ordered.

Blondie and Brownie
The Wait: Over an hour.
The Order: Various cookies: “All are very filling and dense, these are good sized cookies for $1.75. I couldn’t imagine eating more than two of these though, they’re so thick that your jaw starts to hurt from chewing.” Pies: “Good A to A-, but nothing that will get you into Harvard.”
The Verdict: “All in all, I would visit again, mostly likely soon with Brownie in tow, and the good people at Grub Street will love that a bakery opened up with nary a cupcake in site.”

Fries and Frites
The Wait: 30 minutes.
The Order: Double chocolate, peanut butter, blueberry cream, citrus, and snickerdoodle cookies.
The Verdict: “Was [the wait] worth it? Yes. Yes it was.”

Beef Aficionado
The Wait: “By the time I got there at half past there was already a sizable line.”
The Order: Cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate chip cookie: “I ordered [it] to go with my milk and was glad I did.” Cereal milk: “It did not disappoint causing waves of nostalgia to wash over me as the milk coated my mouth.” Pork and egg bun: “The gooey egg oozing in a gelatinous manner over the hearty pork belly is easier to eat than one might expect and provides a creamy new dimension to the sandwich.” The volcano: “Sounds fantastic on paper and indeed the flavors were well layered and balanced but it was just a bit too stogy and dense for my tastes.”
The Verdict: “I am looking forward to working my way through the menu in the weeks to come.”

Not Fine Dining
The Wait: About twenty minutes.
The Order: On the dulce de leche cake: “Three layers of incredibly dense, tooth-achingly sweet caramel goodness… Possibly the richest cake I’ve ever tasted.” On the volcano: “It’s rich and hearty, completely satisfying and explosively delicious.”
The Verdict: “The Milk Bar will definitely be a new tradition for many cooks and diners alike.”

Steady Mobbin’
The Wait: “The line wasn’t this long when I got there.”
The Order: “I had a volcano, which is like a big knish full of au gratin potatoes, cheese, and bacon (acceptable) and a fudge-brownie/snickerdoodle twist softserve cone. Very cool, the snickerdoodle ice cream.”
The Verdict “This place is going to make a billion dollars.”

Just Cook
The Wait:“The ordering situation at Milk Bar is currently a disaster. The place was practically empty, and yet that still meant a 15-minute wait…”
The Order: On the brownie pie and chocolate cake: “Very dense, very heavy, very rich, very chocolate-y.”
The Verdict: “If you want a brick of a dessert, this is the place.”

Bloggers Line Up for, Do Cartwheels for Milkofuku