Awesome: The Kokonas Kids Pwn The Alinea Cookbook

Okay, this just completely solidifies our deep desire to be Nick Kokonas when we grow up.*

When The Reader’s Julia Thiel and The Decider’s Emiliy Withrow attempted to make a recipe from the Alinea cookbook, it took a full day and produced… less-than-superb (but highly hilarious!) results.

So Nick, partner in Alinea and Master Of The Internet, dropped Julia and Emily a line and was like “dudes, seriously, you did it all wrong.” And then he made a video response wherein his kids made the same recipe. Successfully. And all it took was an 8:22 youtube video, which might be the cutest thing we have ever seen in our entire life.

Seriously, the Kokonas Kids (alliterative!) kick the ass of those Spatulatta girls any day.

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The Alinea Cookbook, Reviewed

*We also majored in philosophy! We also have a simultaneous interest in food and in business! We … know some people who work for hedge funds! We are on our way!

Awesome: The Kokonas Kids Pwn The Alinea Cookbook