Ask MenuPages: Snack Cakes Of Our Youth

We love waking up to this kind of email.

Does anyone there remember something called(I think) a Lucky Cake? They were sold in the 60’s in Chicago (possibly more cities) and came out prior to or at the same time of a Hostess Suzy Q. A Lucky Cake was a devils food cake about the size of a hockey puck split in half and spread with cream filling. I remember the picture on the cello wrapper of some kid wearing a suit similar to Richy Rich(a tux with shorts). Not a huge deal to find out, but no one seems to remember exactly what the Lucky Cake was all about and where it went.

Jim C.

Can anyone help Jim C. find out more about his Lucky Cake (sounds to us kind of like a moon or whoopie pie, but then again we were born in the 80’s.

We’ll do some digging of our own and report back soon. Happy Monday, everyone!

Ask MenuPages: Snack Cakes Of Our Youth