Artisanal Still Not Happening; It’s Not Brennan’s Fault

We noted yesterday that, per TOC, Terrance Brennan’s project of bringing Chicago an outpost of his NYC fromagerie/bistro Artisanal is, for the time being, dead in the water. And today we received an email from Brennan’s PR, informing us that we had our facts backward.

So Artisanal Chicago is opening after all? Nuh-uh. It’s still most certainly on hold. But she wanted us to be very clear that it’s not Brennan’s decision to put this on hold, it’s the developers’. That darn economy!

Terrance Brennan’s Artisanal Brasserie and Wine Bar will not open in the 900 North Michigan Building in Chicago as expected in April 2009. Because of uncertain economic conditions, the developers behind Chef Brennan’s Chicago restaurant have put the project on hold.

Chef Brennan continues to aggressively look for an alternative space in Chicago in which to open Artisanal Brasserie and Wine Bar and remains passionate about joining the dynamic dining scene in Chicago.

We appreciate the clarification. On an unrelated note, allow us to introduce the Rhetorical Device Of The Day: metonymy, the rhetorical figure of speech in which the name of one thing is substituted for that of another closely associated thing.

Not Happening: Brennan (And Artisanal) At 900 North
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[Photo of 900 North, where Artisanal Chicago won’t be, via nicnac’s Flickr]

Artisanal Still Not Happening; It’s Not Brennan’s Fault