Alpana Singh Feigns Ignorance; We Are Skeptical

Let it be on the record that we really really like Alpana Singh’s new blog. (How could we not? We have so much in common!)

But let is also be on the record that we are sort of cocking our head and emanating confused whimpers at this post, in which she claims to be unaware of — yet happily surprised by — the affordability of wine at Foodlife:

We made our way to Water Tower last night to check out some of their newly remodeled kiosks - including one featuring wine. I was really surprised by how many wines were offered at reasonable prices as low as $4.95 per glass. This is so awesome! How many times have you been out holiday shopping and then begin to feel frazzled by shopping anxiety or if you can’t bare the thought of dealing with panicked crowds and have wished for a glass of Pinot Grigio to calm your nerves? Well, now you can! Just pop into Foodlife, pick up something to eat and get your glass. And, if you like the wine you can pick up a bottle from the Foodlife Market to take home.

Or when she just so happens to notice signage for FoodLife’s “First Friday Wine Downs,” a monthly tasting event which she then heavy-handedly pitches:

On my way in, I also noticed a sign for their Monthly First Friday Wine Downs which is coming up next week. For $15 you get to try 20 different wines from all over the world - that’s less than $1 per wine! Some wine tastings can be boring and clinical as they are frequented by wine snobs going on and on about the bouquet and aroma but the Foodlife tastings are different. The first time I attended one, I was immediately impressed with the young, professional and attractive crowd sipping and flirting with one another as they discussed the merits and attributes of each selection - I’m talking about wine here. [She goes on in this fashion for another 150 or so words.]

Why are we making all these confuzzled noises? Because FoodLife is owned by LEYE. And Alpana? Is the director of wine and spirits for LEYE. And as such presumably has a hand in selecting these $4.95-per-glass wines and signing off on the signs for the singles-friendly wine tastings.

Don’t get us wrong — we know that when a restaurant employee blogs about his or her professional life, the blog serves as an extension of the restaurant brand. No one expects, say, Philip Foss to go on a screed against hotel dining, f’rinstance. But this kind of wide-eyed who-me advertorial gets our undies in a bunch.

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Alpana Singh Feigns Ignorance; We Are Skeptical