Almost As Cool As Clubs With No Sign

While some restaurants keep their wine in the basement, others keep their guests there instead…or at least it can sure feel that way. What’s better than a dive bar that’s in a basement? Short of those clubs with no sign, we aren’t really sure. And besides, who doesn’t love that old musty smell?

We head to The Cantab Lounge when we’re over the scene, the one that says bro dudes rule the night and drink specials are watered down. The weekends at Cantab, on the other hand, rock the old school covers, mostly soul and funk, and it’s a great place to kick back or kick it up, if you’re the dancing type. Check in with the bartender if you love a good pour. With more than 50 beers on tap, you’re sure to find something that makes you feel right at home.

While clearly basement-esque in name, Garden at The Cellar is more about keeping us cozy in the third season. Tried their tomato soup and grilled cheese special? Think you could make it at home? We’d sure like to know your secret if yours can compare. We come to The Cellar for this gem of a duo, plus anything else on their delicious menu, including their tater tots stuffed with mashed potatoes. Need we say more? Come happy, come often.

And perhaps the only spot in a literal basement, Grendel’s Den has some of Harvard Square’s most reliable bar food, from their turkey burger to the potato skins. The food is half price every night from 5:30pm -7pm if you make a $3 drink purchase, so order a stout and stay a while. Service can be slow, but you’re not in a hurry, right? That sure would screw up your cool vibe.

Cantab Lounge [Official Site]
Garden at The Cellar [Official Site]
Grendel’s Den [Official Site]

[Photo: Skelekitten/Flickr]


Almost As Cool As Clubs With No Sign