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Abbe Diaz Rats Out Restaurant Girl, Searches for Herself on Craigslist

Danyelle Freeman
Danyelle Freeman Photo: Patrick McMullan

We’ve seen how restaurants scramble for critics, and now former “maître d’ to the stars” Abbe Diaz is claiming that she’s the one who I.D.’d Danyelle Freeman to the staff at Secession shortly before it got three stars from the Daily News critic. According to Diaz, the staff went into a tizzy that caused her to get a sub-par meal — proof, she says, that the critic’s lack of anonymity is egregiously disruptive. The question is, did the folks at Secession really not know what Restaurant Girl looked like? Would they also have to be told that the guy that just came down the chimney is Santa Claus? Who knows. But while we’re talking Diaz, we were totes amused by the following Craigslist ad recruiting folks to play her in the Web series she’ll soon shoot.

Do you appear ethnically ambiguous and/or of multi-racial heritage (Ideal candidate type: Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Thandie Newton, Maggie Q)? Can you pass for the age of 25 and 35? Do you wear standard size 6 (or smaller)? Can you dance? Do you have any martial arts training? Can you ride a motorcycle? Are you comedic and bright/sharp-witted?

And are you just a little bit in love with yourself?


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Abbe Diaz Rats Out Restaurant Girl, Searches for Herself on Craigslist