A Vegetarian Walks Into A Steakhouse…

No, it’s not the beginning of some long joke your Uncle Merv tells at family dinners. It’s just a frequent situation many of our fellow vegetarians find themselves in. What do you do when you’re not a meat eater, yet you’re invited to dinner at one of Boston’s most respected steakhouses? Davio’s, more of a Boston establishment than a restaurant, refers to itself as a “Northern Italian Steakhouse.” But that can freak out some veggies more than a trip to Red Lobster. But we’re here to tell you, fear not, our plant eating friends. Davio’s reputation for excellence means they cater to everyone, and not just carnivores.

If you’re one of those vegetarians people yell “You’re not really a vegetarian if you eat fish!” at, welcome to the club. We’re proud members, because we live off fish. Luckily, Davio’s offerings are extensive in the “pesce” department. The steamed Nantucket mussels are a popular dish, but we’re particularly partial to the roasted organic salmon. Cooked to perfection without being overdone, Davio’s name means true expertise when it comes to preparing fish.

So you’re one of those “real” vegetarians that yells at us about our fish-eating ways. What are you to order at Davio’s? Well you’re in luck. Davio’s pasta dishes are some of the best in Boston. We suggest the roasted eggplant smoked mozzarella ravioli, with pomodoro fresca, Sicilian green olives, and a dusting of oregano. But there are multiple dishes that come without any form of carne. Another favorite of ours is the hand rolled potato gnocchi, with wild mushrooms in truffle oil. We may always embarrass ourselves pronouncing gnocchi, but at least we forget about it when we’re savoring our meal.

There’s one aspect we may have forgotten to bring up that tops the list of importance: VINO! Whether you’re vegetarian, carnivore, cannibal, whatever (But we hope not the latter), Davio’s wine list will knock you out of your seat. That’s why this year they were honored with Wine Spectator’s “Award of Excellence.” So fear not, my vegetarian counterparts. The word “steakhouse” doesn’t have to send you running for the hills anymore. In fact, you can run right into Davio’s and feel secure knowing there’s a menu loaded with vegetarian-friendly options.

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A Vegetarian Walks Into A Steakhouse…