A Plum Idea

Thanksgiving can be a time to bring out the traditional favorites, or if you’re like us, it’s a time to try new foods, stir up new recipes, and bring something more than tradition to the table. This year, we’re particularly keen on a meal full of the freshest seasonal foods and following new recipes to experiment with old faves.

Whether you’re a vegetarian/vegan, cooking for a veg-head, or just looking for new seasonal finds to fancy up your dinner table, Plum Produce should be your first stop. Boston chef Barbara Lynch is famous for her successful restaurants around town like No. 9 Park, and at Plum Produce, she shows you behind the scenes and offers that you too can make beautiful vegetable-based fare. From local farmers in Massachusetts and Maine, she hauls in the harvest to supply the neighborhood - and the city - with goodies you can’t find anywhere else.

PP has autumn staples, plus a whole range of plant matter you never knew existed. This fall, you’ll find everything from butternut squashes and turnips to leeks and Buddha’s hands. To garnish your meats, stop in for citrus fruits - grapefruit, lemons, and oranges - or stock up on herbs and truffles. Once they taste the not-frozen versions, you might even convince the little kids at your dinner table that brussel sprouts and broccoli can be delicious. Some of the produce is expensive, but good food in this type of spotless, beautiful specialty shop is usually worth the price.

Enjoy your holiday of thanks, especially if it’s veggie-packed and cruelty-free.

Plum Produce [Official Site]

[Photo: Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen/23hq.com]

A Plum Idea