A Cup Full Of Cake

Look, we like thinking up new Thanksgiving goodies as much as everyone else. We toy with recipes, make multiple grocery trips on a single Saturday, fighting the crowds of angry women who, come next Thursday, will be sweatin’ to the oldies in their kitchens while they baste. But there’s something rewarding about the whole process, right?

Thing is, we can’t do it all. You can only make some many dishes in one day. You can only ask people to pitch in so much. And because we love focusing on the Turkey Day main courses, we sometimes sneak the take-out into the dessert category. Cakes and pies are par for the course, but what about mixing it up a bit this year? We already make fun flavors of Tofurkey and complicated cranberry sauces. Why can’t our sweets be unconventional too?

All over town, there are plenty of spots for cupcake lovers. Kickass Cupcakes is the area’s newest addition the bakery lineup, and while it may have been in its cute corner spot outside Davis Square for some time, we can’t help give it every shout-out possible. Their wide variety, from gluten-free to cupcakes for cats, are deliciously bite-size and perfect for a dinner party or an everyday treat. Their Dairy Bar next door stocks all the extras you’ll need, and if you’re super short on time, call them for delivery - no joke.

Down in the North End, our go-to spot is Lulu’s Bake Shoppe. Unlike some of the rotating varieties in other bakeries, Lulu’s has a consistent line-up of favorites - chocolate and vanilla - to newer finds like red velvet and smores. If you’re on the other side of downtown, you probably know you can swing by flour bakery in the South End for a similarly wonderful lineup of standard choices. At flour, they sell out fast, and if you live in the ‘burbs, you may find yourself dropping by Party Favors on the way home. With a case full of gourmet cakes, cupcakes, and tarts, you can also easily buy a baker’s dozen of vanilla cupcakes with sugary flowered frosting without thinking twice. Your guests may know you didn’t make them yourself, but they certainly won’t complain.

Kickass Cupcakes [Official Site]
Lulu’s Bake Shoppe [Official Site]
flour bakery + cafe [Official Site]
Party Favors [Official Site]

[Photo: Kelly Sue/Flickr]


A Cup Full Of Cake