Why Can’t Us?

Between the World Series and Obama, there have probably never been so many can/can’t memes — and it’s doubtful that there ever will be again. So why can’t us? Well, hopefully yes we can!

We can at the very least take advantage of all of this from a food perspective. For one thing, there are all those free food deals floating around with the national chains (Taco Bell is doing one again, for example). For another, there is a whole slew of Philly-centric foods to be eaten in honor of the hometown, which are pretty handily covered in the Inquirer and the Daily News.

Jim Coleman has a list of foods that he matches up to specific players. (“Soft pretzels with a variety of mustards: Jimmy Rollins, aka J-Roll. Because if anyone has some good spicy mustard in him, it’s got to be J-Roll.”) Notably, there are no hot dogs on his list, because

If I’m going to serve hot dogs, then I’m just going to have a hot dog and beer party. It could be fun and easy in that comfortable-as-a-worn-out-glove kind of way, but it wouldn’t be very memorable.

Meanwhile, the Inky has a piece up on what the players are eating, so you can always go the homage route. It’s all pretty healthy, so neither as decadent, traditional, nor fun as the Jim Coleman party menu. Still interested? Well, here’s a staring point

For day games, Swanny’s main meal is breakfast, pregame. He’s making egg-white sandwiches to order, then serving up a limited light meal after batting practice ends, typically chicken or fish with rice. And there’s a full entree afterward, when players are famished.

And if that’s not enough, there’s always this list of 10 special-for-the-series drinks. So yeah! Why can’t us?

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Why Can’t Us?