Where Michael Wound Up Eating

Let’s blast to the past a little bit, and recall back in early August, when we suggested places for Epicurious’s Michael Y. Park to eat while he visited Chicago. (We advocated for Mado and L.2O, both places where we’ve had rapturous experiences we’d be proud to recommend to any fancy-pants Conde Nast blogger).

Well, he came, he ate, he blogged about it:

Kuma’s Corner, in Roscoe Village: A great burger, topped with an egg. I can’t remember what my friend Jeff got, but I’m pretty sure he liked it too. This was the Chicago I knew and loved back in the day, noisy, friendly and stuffed to the brim with those subversive cultural tidbits that get exported to either coast within six months and then turned into a T-shirt. I half expected to see John Cusack in one corner with a stack of LPs, addressing a camera.

That’s just the beginning, of course: Michael also visited the Signature Room at the 95th (less successful; his drink “came rimmed with sugar and had fruit in it, and tasted like the Hawaiian Punch guy had puked through a vodka flume”), P.J. Clarke’s, a Harold’s Chicken Shack somewhere on the South Side (“Pure heaven. I’m not going to try to explain it.”), and Topolobampo, which served “easily the best meal I had on the trip.”

Michael and his companion also staged a pizza-off between Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s. We’re not going to reveal the winner, because we like making you use your clickin’ finger.

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Where Michael Wound Up Eating