Oh, It Is So On! Your VP Debate Guide To San Francisco

Let’s be honest, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden really have it all over Obama and McCain when it comes to the debate series.

Where the two would-be honchos make pitying grins to their poor, misguided opponents and fall over themselves to agree with one another, except for minor details such as average height of North Koreans, the veeps (we hope) are out for blood. With any luck, this will be a knock-down, drag-out, lipstick-on-a-pitbull soundbite bonanza.

That in mind, you don’t want to have to go to just any old bar or restaurant with a television and demand that they turn up the sound and quiet the patrons. You want some place that is “officially” hosting a VP debate viewing party. Some place where they’ll get your lame moose-dressing jokes and join in your drunken choruses of “What did Della wear Boys, What did Della wear,” every time Joe Biden opens his mouth.

• For Marina folk and right-wingers, the SF Young Republicans are hosting the debates at Jones Roadhouse on Lombard. They have 12 large flat screen TVs, happy hour drink specials, and traditional American bar food fare.

• And on the other side of the hill, BollyHood Cafe on Capp between 19th and Mission has a nice little Indian finger food menu, comfy seating and a big screen to keep the party going.

• Down in SOMA, Prana is the place to watch, if you want to nibble on Japanese and Asian-fusion snacks.

Though really, the most important thing to get between you and the television screen is a good drink. To that end, we’ve heard about screenings at a number of straight-up bars, including:

&38226; 2 Lips, the mid-market watering hole that had a hit with last week’s presidential debate

Inner Mission Beer Parlor, which is now smoke free, according to its website.

Kezar Pub will probably draw a lot of the Upper Haight politicos

• And 901 Columbus Cafe will probably show it as well, for North Beach denizens.

• Plenty of people are also showing it in their houses, in community centers, and in other public spaces throughout the area. Many of those are listed here.

Okay, folks, I want a good, clean fight. Keep it above the belt, and no dragging the kids into this. Now touch gloves…

[Photo: via Third Street Gym]

Oh, It Is So On! Your VP Debate Guide To San Francisco