VP Debate Drinking Games

Tonight is an important, and potentially history-making night, guys. Sarah Palin and Joe Biden are meeting for their debate, and it sure seems like everyone is planning on watching it.

One particular segment of society seems especially pumped for tonight. Not policy wonks, if that’s what you guessed (although they will probably be glued to their TVs as well). Nope, we mean the people who turn most things into an excuse to drink. Never to let a golden opportunity pass, the internet is abuzz with all sorts of VP debate related drinking games.

There’s a lot to wade through, but several blogs have some stand-out lists. We’ve cobbled together some of our favorite suggestions, and they are as follows:

• “For every folksy saying Sarah Palin uses, take a drink. Then put lipstick on a pig or a bulldog, whichever is available.” [Boston Magazine]
• “Whenever Biden mentions his hometown of Scranton, take a swig and hum the theme song to The Office before swallowing.” [Boston Magazine]
• “Every time Sarah Palin suggests Joe Biden’s age and/or experience is a negative: toast the 72 year old McCain with an Old Fashioned.” [Huffington Post]
• “Everytime Biden says “Folks”: clink glasses/bottles, increasing the number of clinks each time – ex. the third time he says “folks” you clink three times.” [Huffington Post]
• Drink anytime Biden mentions: the Bush Doctrine, Scranton, or gives an exasperated sigh. [Washington City Paper]
• Drink anytime Palin mentions: Russia, elitism, or gives a “Pssh,” or “Psshaw”. [Washington City Paper]

A thought, though: why make this so alcoholic and booze-centric? The debate will probably already be so absurd that there will be no need to liven it up by getting drunk. In that spirit, we’d like to propose the VP debate eating game. (Plus, Biden claims to have never had a drop of alcohol in his life, so if you are rooting for him, this might be a good way to show deference.) Similar to a drinking game, scarf something down each time the candidates say or do something ridiculous. The food is of your choosing, although some moose chili and Biden’s favorite oatmeal cookies might be a good place to start.

Come up with your own rules, but we’ll be starting out by taking a bite anytime that Sarah Palin looks like Tina Fey.

VP Debate Drinking Games