Tribune Food, Digested: Fall All Over

• Happy pre-Halloween! The Trib is celebrating by eating its vegetables: Martian invasion kohlrabi soup, tropical eyeball milkshakes… the usual. The key here is that the food looks horrific, but tastes just fine. Here’s an article we’d like to see: Food that looks completely normal, but tastes like ZOMBIE VAMPIRES.

• Janet Helm took one for the team and attended the American Dietetic Association’s Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. If your eyes glazed over reading that sentence, then you know what it was like for us to read the first paragraph of this article. It’s not Janet’s fault — that is the most boring-sounding conference in the history of McCormick Place.

• Okay, something we can get behind: Root beer. Zak Stambor explores the lore of the uniquely American soft drink and compare/contrasts a number of artisan brews: from the brand developed by Gale Gand to the in-house brews from Berghoff and Goose Island, the range of flavors and intensity is staggering. And we’re craving a glass of the stuff right now.

[Photo: Kohlrabi (yeah, it totally looks alien actually) via lawrencefarmersmarket’s Flickr]


Tribune Food, Digested: Fall All Over