Top Chef: Totally Rad

Stop the presses: Speculation that Radhika Desai, chef at Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge in Wicker Park, would be joining the next season of Top Chef is confirmed.

Jury’s out on what sort of personality profile the Bravo producers will edit her to fill (the sweet hottie? The mega-smart hottie? The bitchy hottie? The uber-talented hottie?), but we are satisfied by the prospect of yet another season of Top Chef in which we feel personally invested.

We also expect y’all to start staking out Between, in order to figure out if/when Rad is eliminated based on when she shows up back in the kitchen relentlessly pestering her, because filming is over and she’s already back.

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[Photo of Radhika from the official Top Chef site]

Top Chef: Totally Rad