Threads Up: Dang, David’s!

We’ve never eaten at David’s deli, off Union Square, so we can’t offer an opinion here, but one time we were running on a trail and came upon a huge rattlesnake all coiled up and ready to strike, waving it’s tail like it was shaking a cocktail, and you know what? That scary s.o.b. had less venom in its whole body than do today’s Chowhound and Yelp threads regarding David’s. Jeez, we’ve never seen such vitriol. It’s a regular hate-fest in there.

So it seems worthwhile to remind folks that this city does boast a few pretty good Jewish delis, including Miller’s East Coast Deli, on Polk, and House of Bagels, out in the Richmond.

But honestly? We’re really tempted to scoot on down to David’s now, just to see what all the fuss is about. Two threads full of such animosity almost trips our shill-o-meter. Is this some crazy revenge scheme or something? Or could a place really raise such hackles?

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[Photo: Via Yahoo Travel]

Threads Up: Dang, David’s!