This Friday Night: The Obamas At Spiaggia?

When we commented yesterday on the Valentine’s Day restaurant pick of Barack and Michelle Obama, we should have realized that the Democratic candidate and his wife have an anniversary coming up. Per the AP:

[Obama is] putting his campaign on hold Friday night to fly back to Chicago and take his wife, Michelle, out to an Italian restaurant.

“I’ve got this whole romantic dinner planned,” Obama told a rally in Grand Rapids. “I think it should go pretty well. That’s my hope any ways. I’ve got a gift all picked out.”

We’re laying a bet that this mysterious Italian restaurant is Spiaggia. Not exactly a long shot bet, we realize, but still.

For the record, we spoke with Spiaggia just a moment ago and while they won’t confirm or deny anything Obama-related, they do have a table for two available at 8:30, if you want to be near Mr. and Mrs. Change-Hope-Bluestate while dining.

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[Why does Barack love her? Because she has great taste in Italian food, of course.]


This Friday Night: The Obamas At Spiaggia?