The World’s Longest Sentence About Everest

We like to see what’s going on at other user-generated review sites, just to get a taste of the competition. And, um, we were blown out of the water by one particular review from FoodieView on high-in-the-sky fine dining venue Everest, which proves our theory that MenuPages attracts only the highest-quality reviewers. This gem is 575 words, and it is all one sentence. Ready for this? Okay, go:

First of all I got there aerly because I was with my wife getting around the city and I wasnt dressed formal (that you requiere to do so), when I arrived they told me there was no problem and let me in, first I received a call on my cellular phone and the waiter told me to please take the call at the entrance so I wouldnt bother any other persons (I thought it was a bit rude but ok), after I returned from my call my wife had asked for a foie gras and the waiter told her that she couldnt order one plate before the others that everything must be ordered in advance, I thought it was a bit odd but still we ordered everything and so I would not get in more trouble sice I was getting a bit mad I asked beforehand for the dessert wich was a grand marnier souffle, the waiter told me that wasnt neccesary because the souffle was made in 15 minutes but I still told him that I wanted to order it before so we woudnt have to deal with it afterwards, also in the menu there was caviar, my wife and me only like beluga so we asked the waiter if it was beluga and he told me that beluga caviar was prohibited en the us (lol!!!), we asked for a bottle of wine, and ask the waiter to bring the entrees first and then the main dish he told us that it wqasnt the way it worked and he told us he would arrange a lovely (what ever he meant?) arangement I told him to do as he pleases, I didnt want anymore trouble, we had dinner wich was very so so and then: the desserts arrived and the waiter gave the dessert menu to my wife, we got the souffle I asked beforehand and my wife wanted another souffle the chocolate souffle, but the waiter once more tolds NO, that is when I really got out of myself and asked him the reason to answering that to my wife he told me that we had already asked for one souffle and that we should choose another (as if!!!), I told him that I didnt agree and I ordered him to bring it to my wife and I also wanted a digestive he told me NO once again because I had a glass of wine and a whysky on the table and if I crashed maybe he could get in trouble by then I was really mad I asked what his problem was and he answered that I was being beligerant with him and that I was treating him like a servant his name was troy I got amazed at how low ego this person had after that disscussion he brought me my licour and I asked him not to bring the souffle no more (my wife was really upset and wasnt in th mood for more) we paid him 15% tip so that he coud rest, I got out very mad I went to my hotel (ritz carlton chicago) and ask for the concierge to help me out with my experience after two days of looking for the general manager (chris) he told me the same as the waiter instead of making an apology (unbelivable), I have never been treated like that it is nothing I have lived before so DO NOT GO!!”

Whew, baby. Was it as good for you as it was for us? We need a drink.

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The World’s Longest Sentence About Everest