The Weeklies Over Coffee

Now for your afternoon coffee-break look at our local weeklies’ food coverage. Enjoy.

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian

• Hooray! It’s fall Feast time! Check out 11 articles rounding up some of the best highlights of the area’s food scene. [Feast]

• Outside Feast-mania, Paul Reidinger takes a tentative look at Janitzi, and tentatively approves. [“The cuisine of the Americas” served with style on Valencia Street]

• And L.E. Leone wallows in self-pity for a bit, gets up, dries herself off, and heads over to her latest “new favorite restaurant,” Patxi’s Pizza. [Cheap Eats]

Meanwhile, over at the SF Weekly:

• Meredith Brody gives us a detailed look at Marnee Thai. [I’ll Have What She’s Having]

The Weeklies Over Coffee