The United States Of Wine

Joel Stein over at Time Magazine conducted a taste test of 50 wines — one from each state. The main criteria was that the wine cost $15-20, but other than that, it seems like all bets were off.

Of course, the methodology was imperfect, and hardly scientific, but you know what? We’re not going to complain about that. Mostly because we are dirty, dirty partisans, and on a scale of “undrinkable” to “excellent,” the PA wine rated as “excellent”.

The wine in question is Marechal Foch from Big Creek Vineyard in Kresgeville, PA, and Stein had the following to say about it:

This is a strange wine with a dark red color, strange fuzzy texture and funky taste in the front. It’s also from a place called Kresgeville. But underneath there’s some decent fruit, mostly red berries. Marechal Foch is a weird grape. It was grown in the Loire Valley a century ago, and until a decade ago, it was found in Canadian jug wines. But despite that weirdness, it’s still kind of boring once you get to the middle and end of it.

It doesn’t read as praise, but it did rank high, so it must be?

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The United States Of Wine