The Next Food Network Star Auditions

If there’s one thing we love, it’s seeing hometown people on reality TV shows. Well, that’s pretty intense hyperbole, but you get the point! It’s really exciting to see people from Philly competing on TV (except for maybe when it was The Apprentice), and it’s especially especially exciting when it’s in a cooking show.

All this to say, the The Next Food Network Star is holding auditions for their 5th season in Philly on the 29th of the month. The auditions are happening at the Embassy Suites on Ben Franklin Parkway from 10am-3pm, and in a probably sensible, but also somewhat suspect move, aspiring contestants “should bring an application, photograph and resume and/or bio to the auditions.”

We’d like to imagine that these things are based on, you know, skill, cooking acumen, and how things taste, but yeah. Don’t forget that photo!

In any case, more details are available here.


The Next Food Network Star Auditions