The Monday Report: To Everything There Is A Season

Thank Ecclesiastes for today’s title. That’s pretty much all we recall from the semester we took a course entitled “The Bible.” But if there’s a season to celebrate, autumn in New England would be it.


Downtown Crossing: We always wondered what happened to the Littlest Bar. It’s so tough for tiny establishments to stay in business. However we’re happy to say that it will be re-opening in a new Downtown Crossing location. With Marliave open right next door, we’re hoping this is a little boom for the area, which tends to get overrun with retail shops and teenagers. [Boston Real Estate Blog]

Porter Square: Zing Pizza has opened in Porter, and it seems like a pretty interesting operation. They use local and organic fair trade ingredients, all packaged in a manner that will reduce waste and pollution. We really admire a restaurant heading in this direction, seeing as most take-out joints use so much wasteful packaging. Props to Zing for such a sustainable venture. Oh yeah, and for having a blog up already! [Zing Pizza Blog]

[Photo: Globosapiens]

The Monday Report: To Everything There Is A Season