The Monday Report: All The Leaves Are Brown

And the sky is gray. But we’re not California dreamin’, cause autumn in New England is exactly where we want to be. And the baby…come on, that’s just cute.


Ashmont: The Flat Black Cafe, technically located inside the new Wainwright Bank, is said to be a delicious and popular new spot to grab a coffee or pastry. A vital characteristic is their free wi-fi. [Lower Dot]

Brighton: Every night we go to bed thinking, if there was one thing Brighton Center needs, it’s a fish and chips restaurant. Well, no not really. But we’ll welcome The Battery with open arms. [Chowhound]

Charlestown: We hear Max and Dylan’s is a new hangout for cheap comfort foods like burgers and mac and cheese. Click the link for an interesting story that will explain why chances are you won’t be able to order tap water in the restaurant. Better bring your Nalgene bottles! [Chowhound]

Fort Point: Barbara Lynch, the reigning Boston restaurant queen behind No. 9 Park, is opening her second venture in the Fort Point neighborhood. Since this is quite the hot area to open businesses nowadays, we assume Lynch’s followers and even hungry newbies will migrate to Sportello for her Italian food counter. [Dishing]

Hyde Park: The Cleary Square section of HP is finally getting CF Donovan’s, the much-delayed bar and restaurant whose other branch remains popular in Dorchester’s Savin Hill neighborhood. [Boston Restaurant Talk]

Jamaica Plain: Washington Street now has a new chicken joint, aptly named Royal Fried Chicken. Not much word yet on the quality of the place, but we have to admit the name is just a little bit funny. [Chowhound]

Jamaica Plain: A new Chinese takeout restaurant named Joy Rice China Cafe has opened near Midway. Word on the internet is pretty positive, so when you’re thinking of ordering Chinese some night soon, give this place a try. [Chowhound]


Kendall Square: Two week ago Anise closed for unknown reasons. Opinions on the message boards ranged from favorable to just blah, so we’re not really sure how much we’re missing. [Chowhound]

[Photo: flickr/dmhergert]

The Monday Report: All The Leaves Are Brown