The Leaning Tower of Pizza

Where in the world - or in Cambridge - is Huron Village? So it may be just another tiny alcove a little beyond Harvard Square to some, but for the locals, this place has more than a few gems with a local bakery, antique shop, and Armando’s Pizza. The college kids have been trekking to A’s for years, and we know why.

While Harvard kids may love the convenience of Pinocchio’s, there’s more than one good place to get Italian thin-crust pizza or a heaping plate of baked ziti. The salads are loaded with feta for a measley $5, and the eggplant parm sub is one of the best we’ve found. It’s also pretty hard to beat the lo-fi atmo and townie vibe. The staff is friendly with folks they know, polite with the rest of us. But we get it and know that the local team trophies lining the wall show that Armando’s is more than a pizza joint - it’s a community-centered establishment. Go in for a thin slice with veggies and be prepared to take it to go. Counter service only, and sorry, no delivery. For the best thin crust in town with just a hint of attitude, head over to this tiny corner of the ‘Bridge and tell them we sent you.

Pinocchio’s [MenuPages]
Pinocchio’s [Official Site]

[Photo: stu_spivak/Flickr]


The Leaning Tower of Pizza