The Kitchn At The Downtown Farmstand

On Monday we lamented the lack of full writeups of the newly-opened Downtown Food market at 66 E. Randolph St.

Well we can fret no more, as Joanna Miller of The Kitchn has paid the market a visit:

You’re not going to find the variety of produce here that you would at a farmer’s market, but you will find high-quality items, many of them organic. We found the refrigerated case stocked with several varieties of salad greens, broccoli florets, leeks and radishes.

There are also frozen Lou Malnati’s pizzas (“Locally produced? Yes. Local ingredients? Not likely.”), pasta from Jessica Volpe, and premade meals from First Slice.

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[Photo via Consumatron’s Flickr]

The Kitchn At The Downtown Farmstand