The Inquirer, Digested

Table Talk covers the opening of Butcher & Singer, which is high-end, but not in the same way as Stephen Starr’s other high-end steakhouse, Barclay Prime. That’s because this new one is more of a classic throwback, while Barclay is all contemporary, and whatnot.

• Yesterday marked the last day of the existence of Rick’s Steaks in Reading Terminal Market. The closing is born from “a nasty landlord-tenant battle that cost Olivieri $310,000 in legal fees and resulted in the eviction of Rick’s Steaks.” Loyal customers lined up to have one last steak.

Rick Nichols ponders a Tuesday night in the bistros that populate “the western edge of Queen Village gives way to Bella Vista.” Though not dead, things are awfully quiet.

• Wondering what to do with the abundance of pumpkins? Dianna Marder has a breakdown of several varieties of pumpkin and what they give, as well as some recipes for your salvaged jack-o’-lantern.


The Inquirer, Digested