The Inquirer, Digested

H.O.M.E. Page Cafe is a venture totally worth of just about everyone’s support. Operating from the Parkway Central Library, the collaboration between the Free Library and Porject Home, is staffed by the formerly homeless, and is “a bright, crisp oasis”.

Novita Bistro is a good bet for cozy fall food. The food is mostly Italian, although chef Hassan Zanzoul is Moroccan-born, and it is “suitably hearty for the season.”

• Also seasonal and delicious? Hot pockets! They do not need to be synonymous with “unhealthy” or fattening, and can, in fact, be packed with nutritious ingredients. Wait, did we say hot pockets? We meant haute pockets.

• In a heavily sweets-weighted Table Talk, we learn of changes at More Than Just Ice Cream (new owners!), a little bit more about Butcher & Singer’s opening, and the eventual openings of both Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man and a second Naked Chocolate Cafe.


The Inquirer, Digested