The Inquirer, Digested

• In this week’s Table Talk, we get the dish on the newly opened Tiedhouse. It has a beer list based on that of the General Lafayette, prices for entrees top out at $15, and Klein describes the small plates as “imaginative.”

• Also from the Nichols beat, a journey to Fishtown, for the fishcakes at Johnny’s Hot. “They are soft, browned, mostly mashed-potato cakes, the fish (is it cod?) playing a muted supporting role,” and at $2.50 per patty, or $4.25 per sandwich, the price is most definitely right.

LaBan stops in at the newly opened Minar Palace, which, while maybe not as good as Tiffin, does have an unbeatable price-point.

• A look at yogurt and its many uses. Did you know that it has been around since ancient Egypt and Greece? Also, Colombo yogurt started in Andover, Mass. in 1929. Despite this long history, most Americans only began eating yogurt in the 1970s.


The Inquirer, Digested