The Inquirer, Digested

• Already feeling the pinch of the recession? Dianna Marder gives us the scoop on a whole slew of cooking classes. When will there ever be a better time to start cooking at home? (Probably never.)

• And hey, what better to go along with your new-found cooking skills than an knowledge of wine and beer? Marder also clues readers in to a bunch of place where one can learn about those libations.

• This week’s Table Talk is brought to you by the letter “M” (or so it seems). Both Melograno and Mémé are reopening/opening and Rick Nichols gives some details on each one. Also, Sakeya, Mix, and Zocalito are opened.

• Did you know that the Jefferson Hospital cafeteria had gone healthy and practically locavore? It’s heartening, but it also makes a lot of sense — if anyone is head of the curve in terms of healthful eating, shouldn’t it be hospitals?


The Inquirer, Digested