The Chronicle Over Coffee

Here’s your weekly roundup of the San Francisco Chronicle’s food section, for your perusal. Check back over your afternoon cup of Joe (or Trevor, as we’ve recently decided we’ll call tea), for a glance at the weeklies.

• The University of California at Berkeley gets some top-tier chefs to help spruce up its on-campus eats. [Grade-A Dining]

• Miriam Morgan checks in with Eos, and finds two and a half stars. [Dining Update: Bold flavors, lots of choices at Eos in San Francisco]

• Marion Nestle discourses on melamine-tainted foods, and how to avoid them. [Food Matters]

• The tasting panel gobbled up some turkey bacon, and decided Oscar Mayer had cracked the code. [Taster’s Choice]

• And Coi’s Daniel Patterson sets his sights on Oakland, roaming chefs in Sonoma and San Mateo, and Berkeley gets Mission-style burritos. [Inside Scoop]

The Chronicle Over Coffee