The Chronicle Over Cocktails

Here’s your hastily thrown-together roundup of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Wine section, typed with fingers itchy with anticipation of getting off the keyboard and around a Halloween drink. Happy haunting!

• We get a look at some good import deals that will help keep your cellar stocked during the lean times. [Wines from around the world to help you stretch your dollar]

• Selections rounds up some Ribera del Duero varietals, made with Spanish tempranillo grapes. [Ribera del Duero]

• The Cheese Course samples a Camembert that is said to closely resemble the real, French, thing. [A Camembert worth buying]

• The Sipping News offers a pretty funny drinking game for election night. [Election drinking game: After the polls close]

• And Spirits gets back to basics with some old-fashioned gins. [Original gin: older styles find their way back into cocktails]

The Chronicle Over Cocktails