The Chronicle Over Cocktails

Here’s your San Francisco Chronicle wine section, digested, metabolized, and expelled as vapor, just in time for happy hour. Cheers!

• Northern California vineyards have been dealing with climate change forever. This global warming business should be cake. [Five ways California vintners are weathering climate change]

• Selections takes a trip to check out some Pinot Noir vintners between San Louis Obispo and Santa Barbara. How “Sideways.” [South Central Coast Pinot Noir]

• Pairings offers up a hearty mushroom and sausage stew to ground those big ol’ reds. [Barley stew echoes earth in Pinot Noir]

• The Cheese Course looks at Rolf Beeler’s latest discovery, a small-scale, small-sized Swiss. [Napfkäse is not just another Swiss cheese]

• And the Cocktailian drags the skeletons out of his liquor cabinet for Halloween. [Why there’s no Hubbub in a haunted tavern]

The Chronicle Over Cocktails