The Buena Vista Shoots For The Record Book

Get out your Speedos and burn cream, everybody. The The Buena Vista Cafe is planning to celebrate the birthday of its original, iconic cocktail by making one juuuuust big enough to hot-tub in. According to the Examiner:

Towering more than 3 feet from the bar and holding more than 15 gallons, bartenders will be going after the Guinness World Record crafting a giant Irish Coffee that everyone in attendance will get to sample.

It probably would be considered a bit gauche to leap up on the bar with your towel and climb into this gigantic vat of coffee, whiskey, and cream, but we will seriously give you a dollar if you do it. Come on, we double dare you!

Anyway, if you just want to go sip and celebrate, the big boy is scheduled to go up on the bar at 1 p.m. on Nov. 10, as part of a three-day festival celebrating the drink’s 56-year anniversary. Sláinte, everybody!

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[Photo: Via summer park/flickr]

The Buena Vista Shoots For The Record Book