The Battle Of The Burrito

Those of us who love burritos really love burritos. We’re talking borderline dependence. Remember that episode of The Osbournes when Ozzy channels his addictive nature into the world of Mexican deliciousness and goes on a burrito-eating binge? That’s kind of what we feel like. But with our love and adoration for this thick wrap of heavenly goodness comes the debate over where to find a great burrito in Boston. There are tons of Mexican restaurants, but sometimes it’s hard to weed out the wannabes (cough, Qdoba Mexican Grill, cough).

There are multiple mini-chains that are popular throughout Boston. Boca Grande Taqueria for example, is a very popular Mexican outpost throughout Brighton and Brookline. However, it goes without saying that many Bostonians, including us, are in love with Anna’s Taqueria. With their new location open on Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill, employees of Mass General are now able to spend their lunch breaks in Mexican heaven.

However, a few steps down the street is Villa Mexico Cafe, inside the Grampy’s gas station. Yes, just like our favorite family vacationer Clark W. Griswold, sometimes you’re “so hungry I could eat a sandwich from a gas station.” Repeatedly voted best burrito in Boston, we’ve read that celeb-chef Ken Oringer names Villa Mexico as his favorite Mexican hideaway. Unfortunately, the location inside a gas station tends to scare a lot of locals away. But we’re here to tell you to brave the location and treat yourself to a $6.50 burrito. After a tough day at work, put on some sweatpants and enjoy your food while sitting on the couch watching bad reality TV. Add a cerveza or two for the ultimate remedy to life.

Boca Grande Taqueria [Official Site]
Anna’s Taqueria [Official Site]
Villa Mexico Cafe [Official Site]

[Photo: Good Experience]

The Battle Of The Burrito