Sun-Times Food, Digested: Walnuts, Turkish Delight, Retreads

Complete waste of space Denise O’Neal is — surprise! — completely wasting space with her recap/profile of C-House (which the Sun-Times’ own Pat Bruno reviewed back in July. Absolutely no new information is imparted to the reader by Denise’s writeup, which sketches chef Marcus Samuelsson’s biography and prattles of talking points about the menu that sound like they’re straight from a PR blast. Who signs this woman’s paychecks? Useful journalism fail.

• On the sunnier side of things, our favorite Sun-Times writer, Lisa Donovan, opens her profile of the candy Turkish Delight with a Madonna reference. Yesss! The only thing that would make this profile of the supersweet jellied goodness any better would be a shout out to Edmund and the White Queen from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Lisa Donovan is our new Sun-Times crush.

• Sue Ontiveros did some investigative journalism into the scandalous world of walnut harvesting. We exaggerate a tidge, but did you know that they actually shake the trees to harvest the nuts? With a special shaking machine!? OMG we love technology sooooo much.

• The S-T eschews the pre-Halloween coverage (for today, at least) in favor of getting its readers psyched up for their election night parties. Sandy Thorn Clark offers tips on graciously hosting what is sure to be a high-blood-pressure evening, with recipes like the Obama Family’s Chili and McCain’s Ribs with a Rub. No word on whether the recipes are janked from the Food Network.

[Photo: tons of Turkish Delight, via cutxpaste’s Flickr]


Sun-Times Food, Digested: Walnuts, Turkish Delight, Retreads