Sun-Times Food, Digested: But Seriously, Folks

Hay solamente dos artículos nel Sun-Times que merecen ser debatido hoy. Por lo tanto, estamos utilizando el tiempo que asignado para escribir en lugar de traducir esta introducción en español. Los idiomas son divertidos!

• A big pile of cookbooks landed on our desk today (our mail’s been slow, and they’ve been building up). Not included among them was The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner: Easy Family Meals for Every Day of the Week, so thank freaking heaven that Jennifer Olivera of the Sun-Times has stepped in to review it so we don’t have to. We understand that in our downturning economy this kind of Family Budgeting Can Be Fun! deal is all the rage, but seriously. The lone Amazon review for this has eighty-seven words, punctuated with TWENTY-SIX exclamation points. And one of the first results on Google for the book is a review from That is all ye know on Earth about this book, and all ye need to know.

• Lisa Donovan digs up the scoop on the sweet-potato doughnuts at Powerhouse, which are the possibly deathwatched restaurant’s signature dessert. Executive chef Jeff Mauro has no idea how many sweet potatoes he runs through in a week, but does know that the doughnuts are frequently sent out as a comp to diners whose entrees are running late. We admit that it’s possible that these quotes were taken out of context or that Mauro misspoke, but wait — seriously? Mauro is admitting not only that he’s not on top of his inventory, but also that the kitchen screws up so often that they have a go-to apology dish? Whoa.

[Photo: Powerhouse’s donuts, via Serious Eats]


Sun-Times Food, Digested: But Seriously, Folks