Sun-Times Food, Digested: Billy Goat, Coffee Boy, Eggs

We wonder if the downturning economy has anything to do with the increasing number of wire-service articles showing up on the Sun-Times food page. Here are the whopping three bylined, non-AP/Scripps articles that the S-T gave us this week.

• Dave Hoekstra takes authors Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page out to lunch in honor of their new book, The Flavor Bible, a multidimensional enclopedic dictionary of culinary ideas and terms. Where do they go? To the Billy Goat Tavern, of course, for burgers.

• Lisa Donovan unwraps the fascinating story of the 6-foot-tall bronze sculpture of a boy in a fez looking into a bowl of coffee, located at the Julius Meinl coffeehouse on North Lincoln. She refrains from editorial commentary, and so — in a rare turn of events — will we.

• Have you ever wondered how an egg gets pasteurized? Entirely useless journalist Denise O’Neal goes to the ‘burbs and finds out.

[A Billy Goat cheeseburger, via kaszeta’s Flickr]


Sun-Times Food, Digested: Billy Goat, Coffee Boy, Eggs