Sun Times Food, Digested: Farmstand, Various Squashes, Wasting Water

Oh my god it is time to go home and we have not yet written up the Sun-Times food section, and we are a horrible blogger and we grovel for your forgiveness and we should stop this verbal genuflection and get on with the show!

• Because, relevantly, the Sun-Times employs Dave Hoekstra, and today Dave Hoekstra has an in-depth look at Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand (which, now that we think of it, has a bit of an unwieldy name, and we wonder how long it will take before everyone and their mom has dropped the “Chicago’s” and perhaps even the “Downtown” and just calls it “the Farmstand). There’s official word that the Farmstand will not be open year-round, Lloyd Nichols (of the eponymous farm) weighs in on the changing face of local produce, and basically everyone is incredibly excited and happy. Yay!

• Drainhole-circling economy got you down? Leah A. Zeldes has the answer: Throw a potluck party! Pick a theme to make it more fun — all-soup (awkward plating, we’d imagine), all-dessert (yesss!), or “ethnic” — the somewhat restrictive examples of which are “a make-your-own-taco bar or a Mediterranean dinner.” Still, we concur that themes are the way to go.

KABOCHA SQUASH!!!! We love it, and we are so excited to see it get a shout-out from Lisa Donovan. It is an awesome squash, and we do not attribute the epithet “awesome squash” lightly.

• Chef Dominique Tougne of Bistro 110 delivers a lovely Proustian memory of fall, and suggests that we capture the season with a pumpkin soup. Mais oui!

• Ways Starbucks is like your annoying ex boyfriend: They leave the tap running all the freaking time.

[Photo: Tofu in kabocha from Sun Wah BBQ, via agashi’s Flickr]

Sun Times Food, Digested: Farmstand, Various Squashes, Wasting Water